Memorable Monday #2

February 27, 2012 General 8

Memorable Mondays is a meme hosted by Mari of Escape into a Book where readers share a memorable quote from a book they are currently reading.  Click the button above to  learn how to join the movement!

I am sharing something from a book I recently finished, Frost Moon by Anthony Francis (review coming soon).  I think it is a nice example of the tone of the book.

“The moon hits its zenith at two minutes to midnight tomorrow, Dakota, and it will be ninety-nine-point-six percent full,” he said bitterly.  Then his words began to speed up, tumbling over one another.  “Believe me, I know.  That sliver of difference between full and not won’t make a difference.  I know the moon.  The first moon of November.  It’s called a “Frost Moon,” did you know that Dakota Frost?  The Frost Moon of November.  The Frost Moon is always so strong.  So strong.  If I cannot find somewhere safe…somewhere safe…perhaps it is best I wait it out…wait out the Frost Moon…and hope.”

Ok, so that was more of an excerpt than a quote…

Do you have a memorable quote from something you are reading?  Please share!

8 Responses to “Memorable Monday #2”

    • shewolfreads

      Kelly, thanks for the comment! I love your quote too! I am a bit of a hypochondriac but I still want to read the book. Good choices!

  1. Patricia

    Since I haven’t read the rest of the book I’m not sure if he’s being melodramatic or not, but the book sounds really intriguing. Like it makes you want to read just this ONE page more, which then turns out to be 4 chapters. *g*

    Thank you very much for sharing it with the rest of us and I’m looking forward to reading your review!

  2. Miri

    Sounds really interesteing actually. I haven’t read or heard about this book yet, but I have to say that I really like the tone and I’m very interested in reading your review!

    Thanks for sharing.