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I am excited to be taking part in this Bewitching Book Tour for the erotic romance writer, Lilly Cain.  As part of the tour, I had the opportunity to read the first book in her Confederacy Treaty series, Alien Revealed (read my review here) and I really enjoyed it.  This is a new genre for me – I don’t read a lot of science fiction or erotica so I thought the combination of the two was intriguing.  I am happy to have Lilly on the blog today to discuss the blending of these two genres.

Please welcome Lilly Cain to the blog!


Blending Sci-fi and Sexy


Thank you so much for having me here today! I’ve been writing sexy sci-fi romance for a couple of years. It all began with my first erotic sci-fi novella for my ongoing series The Confederacy Treaty, with Carina Press. Book one, Alien Revealed, was my first experience combining erotic romance with space adventure. It isn’t that different from combining paranormal fiction with erotic romance, both paranormal and sci-fi require world building, but since I am an erotic romance writer, the key to the combination is to express the world building elements without delving in so deeply that the romance is lost.

And let’s not forget the sex. J

So with a light hand on the sci-fi, and a good grip on the erotic romance, I set my characters up as an alien female and a human male. In Alien Revealed, Alinna is a spy, and David is in the starforce military. They are, of course, supposed to be at odds with each other. But don’t worry. They balance.

Check out this scene:


She ran her finger over the tocuh seal on the pouch and quickly flipped through the contents until she found what she was looking for. Her stomach rumbled again. Gripping the plastic packet, she looked up at a small sound. Major David Brown leaned against the door frame in the entrance to her room. His muscular arms crossed over his chest, and he stared unsmiling at her, his dark blue eyes appearing black in the dim night-lights.

Alinna sucked in a breath, her heart seeming to skip its regular beat. Startled, she blurted the first thing she could think of. “Do you have any idea how bad the food is here?”

“Is that what you’ve got there, a little snack?” He stepped closer to the bed.

She gripped the emergency pouch a little tighter to her body as her mind raced through the list of its contents. Exactly what had she stuffed in there the last time she’d updated the boring Confederacy-issued contents? She couldn’t remember. She set the pouch aside, pretending disinterest, and peeled the wrapper off the nutria-bar she had located before the major’s unexpected arrival. “It isn’t much, but it’s a lot better than what they served for supper.”

Major Brown’s eyes never left hers, but as she took a bite of the dried snack, a small smile caught at the corners of his mouth. “I have to admit that the slop they serve here in the medlab is the worst I’ve ever experienced. No flavorings, and nothing to chew.”

Alinna shivered again. Her feet were cold from the touch of the bare floors, but it was his proximity that caused her reaction. She turned, swung her legs up onto the bed and moved the emergency pouch to the bedside table on the opposite side of the room from the curious officer. He watched her every move, and she noted with interest that his eyes lingered longer on her legs than on the emergency pouch. She pulled the cover up over her feet.

“Can I help you with something?”

“No.” He moved closer, reached for the pitcher of water the medtech had left on the suspended bedtable. He poured her a drink and offered it to her.

“Thank you.” She immediately took a sip, relieved at the distraction. It was clear he suspected her of something, or at the very least distrusted her. This could be a result of her cover position—her research had revealed that psychtechs were not always welcomed in the military forces.

“Unless there is something you’d like to tell me about your real mission here.”

Alinna choked on the water. He knows! “Excuse me?”

Major Brown reached out for her hands, steadying the glass of water threatening to spill in her shaking grip. His skin felt cool to the touch, much cooler than Inarrii skin, and rougher, the texture mesmerizing. Tiny golden hairs caught the light on the pale skin of his forearms. His glare softened as he looked into her eyes. “I don’t know exactly what’s going on, Dr.MacPherson, but something isn’t right. I can’t risk the upcoming mission when I don’t have everyone using the same playbook.” He looked deeper into her eyes, looked straight into her Lin’thal. “I don’t know what you’ve got yourself involved in, but if you’ll tell me, I’ll help you as best I can.”

“I’m not involved in anything, but I am very tired.” She pulled away from his touch and set the glass of water down near her emergency pouch. Hardening the tone of her voice, she added a slight empathic push to her words. “I would like to rest now.”

A muscle jumped along the major’s jaw line. A wave of resentment rolled from his psyche, but he turned away and headed for the door. She sagged back against the raised mattress of her bed in relief, until he glanced back at her. A shadow from the doorway fell across his face, but she didn’t need to see him to recognize his intent.

“I’ll see you in the morning then, Doctor.

She recognized his emotional focus. Like a wild game hunter on her homeworld he’d targeted her, and she knew he had no intention of letting her get away.



Little elements like the use of her language—developed for this series—and her fascination with human body hair give the reader the elements of sci-fi, but the tension between the characters is the main focus of the scene. This is what has to carry the story through whatever plot elements happen, in this case the first contact with an alien species and the introduction of the Confederacy and what it can bring to Earth.

As a reader, I want to know that the hero and heroine are going to make it, going to get through the conflicts between them and overcome the obstacles. Sure I like a laser fight as much as the next gal, but I want to see these two people interact, give in to their attraction and hopefully, fall in love. As a writer, it’s my job to see that they do just that, and to make the scenery less important than the characters, without making us forget that a few steps outside their bedroom walls is the vast openness of space.


What’s your favorite sci-fi romance? What stands out for you?  The sci-fi or the love?


Lilly Cain

The Confederacy Treaty Series – Alien Revealed, The Naked Truth, and coming soon, Undercover Alliance! From Carina Press






Lilly Cain is a wild woman with a deep throaty laugh, plunging necklines and a great lover of all things sensual – perfume, chocolate, silk! She never has to worry about finding a date or keeping a man in line. She keeps her blond hair long and curly, wears beautiful clothes and loves loud music. Lilly lives her private life in the pages of her books. 
Lilly lives in Atlantic Canada, although she spent eight years in Bermuda, enjoying the heat and the pink sands. She returned to her homeland so she could see the changing of the seasons once again. When not writing she paints, swills coffee and vodka (but not together), and fights her writing pals for chocolate. 
When not living up to her pen name, Lilly is a single mom who loves reading and writing, dabbling in art and loving and caring for her two daughters. She loves romance and the freedom erotic fantasy provides her imagination. She loves the chilling moments in her novels as much as the steaming hot interludes. Her stories are an escape and a release, and she hopes that they can give you that power, too. 


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