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Once again, I am excited to be taking part in another wonderful book tour for the author Lilly Cain!  This week I am highlighting the second book in her science fiction/erotic romance series, The Confederacy Treaty.  Book two is called The Naked Truth and focuses on Captain Susan Branscombe and Confederacy Examiner Aisler Kiis as they try to prove Susan’s innocence of the charge of treason.  Kiis must delve into her painful memories of torture at the hands of her captors while at the same time trying to deal with their growing attraction to each other.  It is another sexy addition to the series and I am very happy to have Lilly on the blog this week to discuss the book!

Please welcome, Lilly Cain!


SWR:  Can you briefly describe The Confederacy Treaty series?

The Confederacy Treaty is an erotic sci-fi romance series that revolves around the first encounters of humans with intelligent non-human species (the Inarrii) and the idea of a treaty between Earth and the Confederation, a group of aligned alien powers that seek to repel the Raveners – space pirates that would devour any unprotected world. Each book features a different couple, although you often see returning characters, and a different situation and viewpoint of the events leading up to the treaty. The series begins with Alien Revealed, then The Naked Truth, and coming June 25th, Undercover Alliance. The series will finish with Honor Bound sometime next year.


SWR:  Other than focusing on a different couple, how does The Naked Truth differ from the first book in the series?  What can readers expect?

In The Naked Truth the story focuses more on the culture of the Inarrii than revealed in Alien Revealed. We learn about the Examiners, a combination of therapists, cops, judge and jury, they seek the truth within the minds of those accused of crimes and then either heal those people or punish them as they see fit. We also get a glimpse of their homeworld and their most intimate ceremonies. 


SWR:  What were the hardest and easiest parts about writing The Naked Truth? 

The hardest was imagining how a human woman might accept or reject the decidedly sensual life on an Inarrii ship while under the pressure of being charged with treason. The easiest was understanding how she would fall in love with her Examiner – hell I was in love with him!


SWR:  If you could cast a film or television version of The Naked Truth, what actors would play Capt Susan Branscombe and Aisler Kiis and why?

Emma Stone for Captain Susan Branscombe – she has a vulnerability under a layer of strength that reminds me of Susan and all that she’s been through. Chris Hemsworth as Aisler Kiis. Firstly he’s totally, deliciously fantastic, and physically intimidating. And he has a depth in those eyes that just might be able to see all the way into your soul.


The Naked Truth Dream Cast


SWR:  How did you start creating the world and the language of the Inarri?

Since the concept of the L’inar – the nerve lines that run over most of the Inarri’s body, from elbows up to shoulders and knees upward, across the entire torso and up the back of the neck into the scalp; these nerves react to extremes of emotion: shock, anger, pain and desire by stiffening into thin ridges and project pleasure or pulse adrenaline through the body – came to me first and the name was a twist on linear, everything sort of followed from that. The Name of the people, the Inarrii, the mind contact, m’ittar, etc. Then I thought about sound patterns and root words and worked from there. I keep a dictionary of the language.


SWR:  What is the arc for the Confederacy Treaty?  Do you see this as a trilogy or are there more books planned?

I guess I gave that away in my first answer, LOL. There is a fourth and final book planned for the treaty series, called Honor Bound. After that I have a new sci-fi book planned, something a little longer and not part of the series. But I can’t say I’d never write another book for the Inarrii, I think I’d love to do one on their homeworld.


SWR:  What are the major writing influences that helped inspire you to create a sci-fi/romance series?

I’ve always been in love with sci-fi, and yet I love erotic romance, so the two seem like a natural merge for me. I loved Star Trek forever (I miss you Captain Kirk, LOVED the new alternate reality) but I always wondered why the newer series weren’t sexier…


SWR:  What are you reading right now?  What books are on your nightstand?

I’m writing and editing right now, so no books allowed. But I have a growing TBR pile to delve into when my current projects are finished, and I am a very eclectic reader. I just got A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, I am Number Four is sitting on my reader, along with In The Line of Duty by Donna Alward. I’m also waiting to read an ARC of the next in the Pride Series by YA author Cat Kalen.


SWR:  Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I’ve had a busy month, releasing a short erotic fairy tale called Return to me, and a short story in the Demon Lovers Succubus anthology and on June 25th I release book three of the Confederacy Treaty series, Undercover Alliance. In August I have a paranormal erotic romance called Claiming Syn, a succubus story that follows the one in the anthology and in October I will be releasing a fun little contemporary erotic romance with Carina Press called No Reservations, a part of my lighthearted sexy series, Bad Girls Know…. After that I am currently writing another for the Bad Girls Know series, called No Restraints and I’m finishing the first draft of Honor Bound.


SWR:  Finally, how did you choose Lilly Cain as your pen name?

Lilly has the same meaning as my real name, grace. And Cain reminded me of sin, the bad side of things a la Cain and Abel. Lily Kane was also the name of the murdered girl in Veronica Mars, which was so weird as I discovered that after I chose the name! But I loved it, so there you go.



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