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October 17, 2012 General 8


Things have been a bit slow here at She-Wolf Reads.  The professional and the personal have become a bit overwhelming so the blog has taken a backseat as I spend this month trying to get some things done.  In the meantime, I wanted to put together a list of the top five things I’ve been obsessed with lately.  And yes, I do have the tendency to get a bit…excited? interested? engaged? when it comes to new things that catch my fancy.  So here we go…


1.  Spectrum 18:  The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art



I love cover art, particularly fantasy cover art.  I’ve been wanting to get a copy of this yearly publication but never wanted to spend the money.  Hey, I’m cheap. About a week ago I finally gave in and purchased the latest edition from Amazon.  I’m mad at myself for not taking the initiative to get earlier editions. The art here is…amazing to say the least.  Some great work from some of my favorites like Daniel dos Santos, Kinuko Craft, Scott Fischer, Aly Fell, etc in addition to work from artists new to me (a particularly disturbing but incredible image from the artist Karla Ortiz stands out at this moment).  I plan on getting the next edition when it releases in November and will most likely look at collecting some of the earlier books.  If you like fantasy art, Spectrum is a great source of inspiration and awe.


2.  Layer Cake Malbec 



I did mention work was becoming a bit overwhelming, no?  The past couple of weeks I’ve reached for a glass of my favorite Malbec on Friday nights, at the week’s end, when I just need to wind down.  I love this wine.  I’m not a “wine person,” I like what I like.  And this one…I love.


3. The Return of Network TV



I love reality TV as much as the next person.  Hell, I watch all the Housewives.  Yes, I said it (don’t judge me!).  But boy did I miss some real network TV.  I’m so excited about new shows like Nashville (which was good), the return of Revenge, The Vampire Diaries, Castle, and Parenthood (yes, I like that show…don’t judge me!).  I grew up watching Dallas, Knots Landing, and Falcon Crest with my mom so I love a good primetime drama.  And the Cosby Show, Family Ties and Cheers were comedies that I adored.  Happy Endings (the show), anyone?  For a while there, reality TV took over and cable networks were the only ones doing anything interesting.  So happy to see NBC, ABC and the like holding my interest.  Fingers crossed that Arrow is good…wasn’t too impressed with the first episode.


4.  Jezebel



 If you haven’t gotten into this site, stop here and go check it out.  Hilarious.


5.  Bound Books



I’ve been having an affair with my Kindle recently and my bound books have been upset.  The last two books I read were paperbacks.  And I’ve missed them.




So, what do you think…anything on my list sound familiar?  What have you been into lately?

8 Responses to “She-Wolf’s Obsessions”

  1. Susan W.

    I’ll have to try the Malbec. I’ve been hooked on Menage a Trois win, especially the red.

    • shewolfreads

      Susan, this Malbec is fantastic. It really is my fav wine. I have to try the Menage a Trois. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before at the store!

  2. Opal

    I usually read on my Kindle but I love paper books! I went on a hardcover buying spree and I have a little stockpile waiting for me when I get a chance! Bound books are great!

    • shewolfreads

      It’s been so long since I’ve read something not on the Kindle that it’s been nice to actually hold a book again. Sad, I know!

  3. Braine

    Love cover art, love red wine so I will try this next time. You know I am obsessed with those crazy Housewives and I feel guilty to have not seen Nashville since I live in TN, 45 mins away from the city. Love Revenge too and who doesn’t love bound books?!

    • shewolfreads

      Braine, did you see Jill on the after show? She is crazy. The Housewives have been so over the top this year! Delicious. 🙂 Watch Nashville! Let me know what you think. It’s the return of primetime soaps a la Dallas and Dynasty but with country music. Love it.

  4. fishgirl182

    i haven’t checked out spectrum yet but i love that cover. and haha, i totally get you on the wine. a few times last month at work, people had wine in paper cups on their desks. sad yet also funny.

    i have been on a paper book kick lately, which is awesome, but now my kindle is sad because i have a TON of books on it. i have to show them both equal love or my books get mad at me. not really but i think you know what i mean.