She-Wolf’s 2013 Wish List

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In no order whatsoever, here’s my list of most anticipated reads for 2013!









FROST BURNED by Patricia Briggs

This is by far my most anticipated book for 2013.  The Mercy Thompson series is aces, the bee’s knees, the best thing since sliced bread and HBO original series.  Mercy’s world is filled with complex characters, thoughtful world-building, and a feisty, intelligent heroine who sets a pretty high standard for the genre as a whole.  This one is due out on MARCH 5, 2013.  












I don’t even know where to begin with this one.  The list of contributing authors is phenomenal.  So much talent in one place…and when you throw in the magical world of the traveling carnival?  Well, I can’t wait to see where these authors take us.  The publication date is set for JULY 30, 2013.






WICKED AS SHE WANTS by Delilah S. Dawson

I read the first book in Dawson’s Blud series, WICKED AS THEY COME, earlier this year and was immediately drawn into her highly original world of romance and adventure, where bunnies are ravenous blood suckers, blood is money, and a traveling carnival leader can easily steal your heart.  The world-building in this series is very original – magical and macabre, and with such a sense of dark whimsy that it makes you smile while also creeping you out just a touch.  If this world could be captured on film, it would be directed by Jean Pierre Jeunet or Terry Gilliam.  The publication date is set for APRIL 30, 2013.










This is a great UF series with a wonderful heroine – Arcadia Bell.  There are so many things that make this series unique – the love interest, Lon Butler, is a sexy 20 years older, divorced and with an adorable teenaged son named Jupe, the magic system is original and complex, and Bennett has a knack for creating wonderful moments between Cady, Lon, and Jupe that sing with the sort of authenticity that is usually only found at your own dinner table. The expected publication date is MAY 28, 2013. 










BLOOD TRADE by Faith Hunter

I’ve waxed poetic on this series a million times.  Jane is tough as nails. She has a mysterious past that even she is only beginning to understand.  I love the action in this series coupled with the slow revelations in the overall story arc.  I love the supporting cast of characters.  I.  Love.  This.  Series. Adding this to my list of most anticipated reads is a no brainer.  The expected release date is APRIL 2, 2013.








 OMEGA by Susannah Sandlin

Ok, this is one of my favorite new series this year.  I loved the world Sandlin created with Penton, Alabama, an enclave of vampires living peacefully with their human familiars.  Something about this tight knit crew of vamps just took hold of me and wouldn’t let me go. My favorite in the series is ABSOLUTION which features Mirren, the ultimate alpha male vampire.  This next installment centers on Will, who really is kind of the source of the trouble raining down on Penton, so it’s only fitting that the third book in the trilogy features his story.  The expected release date is FEBRUARY 5, 2013.






ELYSIAN FIELDS by Suzanne Johnson

Speaking of Susannah Sandlin (who also happens to be Suzanne Johnson) and a great new series, let’s talk about the Sentinels of New Orleans.  This is another of my favorite new series in 2012.  I really enjoyed ROYAL STREET (#1), and just recently finished RIVER ROAD (#2).  Mind = blown. Loved, loved, loved RIVER ROAD (review will post soon).  Where to begin? DJ is a fantastically relatable heroine who throws potions instead of punches, there is a great love triangle that had me switching allegiances by book two, the world-building is wonderfully done, New Orleans isn’t just a backdrop, it’s a character, and the police procedural feel of RIVER ROAD had me hooked.  Waiting with bated breath for this one to release!  The expected publication date is AUGUST 13, 2013.











HOT BLOODED by Amanda Carlson

The first book in the Jessica McClain series, FULL BLOODED, was one of my favorites this year.  Plus, it’s one kickass werewolf book.  I loved the werewolf mythology that Carlson created.  She also gave us an ending that left you reaching for the next book in the series only to find it wasn’t being released until APRIL 23, 2013.  Well, dang.








DEAD EVER AFTER by Charlaine Harris

I have a soft spot for these books.  This really was the series that brought me back into the paranormal fold.  And it pains me to admit this but it lost me about two books back.  Honestly, I can’t stay away from Sookie too long. With book 13, Harris is finishing Sookie’s story and I have to be there to say goodbye.  I plan to catch up in time to enjoy this one with everyone else.  The expected publication date is MAY 7, 2013. 













A book set 25 years before the start of the Parasol Protectorate and in the same world?  Gail Carriger?  Um, yes.  I really want to read this one. The expected publication date is FEBRUARY 5, 2013.




This list could go on and on and on…but I’ll stop here.  

What books are you looking forward to reading in 2013?

12 Responses to “She-Wolf’s 2013 Wish List”

  1. Annie Slasher

    I can just copy and paste this right!? 😉 LOL I swear mine would be identical and that hardly ever happens! Have a great New Years Eve & try to have a little fun!

    • shewolfreads

      Annie, great minds and all….;) I hope your New Year’s was beautiful. Looking forward to another year of loving the same things!

  2. fishgirl182 @ nite lite

    i totally cannot wait for frost burned. and it has my favorite cover yet. i am interested in seeing the conclusion to the sookie series though i really didn’t like that last one. and yay for etiquette & espionage. it looks soooo good.

    happy new year, lee!

    • shewolfreads

      Thuy, I really have to catch up with Sookie. It’s a great series but I’m two books behind. It sort of lost me there for a minute. And Briggs….I’m dying here. Dying. I can’t wait for that one to release.

  3. Opal

    There are so many books on this I want! Gail Carriger! Patricia Brigs! Delilah Dawson! 2013 is going to be a fabulous year. 🙂

    • shewolfreads

      Opal, it really is going to be a good reading year. I couldn’t agree more!

  4. Jenifer

    I’m really looking forward to Gail Carriger’s new book!

    I’m also looking forward to Wicked As She Wants. Which is kind of funny because I didn’t really like the first book in the series. I only gave it 2 stars. But, as time has passed, I keep thinking about it and like it more and more. Does that make sense? I’ve even upgraded it to 3 stars. lol

    • shewolfreads

      Jenifer, I loved the first book! Hey, sometimes it takes a while for something to grow on you. Wicked as They Come stayed on my mind for a while, too. I thought the world was so original that I wanted more of it. It’s the one book, for me, that I would give 5 stars to now rather than the 4 I originally gave…:)

  5. Braine

    Hot Blooded & Frost Burned for sure! Which reminds me, I still have to read book ! Of Jane Yellowrock.

    • shewolfreads

      Braine, I would love to know what you think of the Yellowrock series. I’m going to hound you about this all year!

  6. Ruby

    Frost Burned is definitely at the top of my list, and I want to read the last Sookie Stackhouse book because, like you, I feel the need to finish out the series. I’m just afraid I’m not going to like the way it ends!