Here’s to 2013 Challenges (and hoping I do better than I did in 2012)

January 2, 2013 General 14

I suck at challenges.  Just take a moment to click on that “challenges” tab at the top right and witness how bad I am at them.  In 2012, I signed up for three, finished one, read not even one book for the second challenge, and then was too lazy to figure out whether or not I completed the third.  If that’s not sad, I really don’t know what is…

So, in an effort at self-improvement and never giving up and, well, denial, I’ve decided to do two challenges this year. Yes, you read that right.  Two challenges.  Here they are and please, please, feel free to hold me to these:




I first learned about this challenge from the blog Stainless Steel Droppings and I knew I had to do it.  Basically, you select 12 books, each by a different female author that you haven’t read before.  There’s a list on the site of 50 authors to choose from and one of your picks should be a random selection.  I was happy to see that I’ve already read books by many of the authors on the list but there were quite a few I either hadn’t gotten around to reading or had never heard of before.  I’m looking forward to reading work by new-to-me authors as well as reading out of my comfort zone.  For me, this will mean more science fiction and, maybe, some high fantasy.  

Here is my tentative list of authors:

  • Philippa Ballantine
  • Karen Lord
  • Suzanne McLeod
  • Alma Katsu
  • Helen Oyeyemi
  • Lauren Beukes
  • Libba Bray
  • Jacqueline Carey
  • Nnedi Okorafor
  • Karen Healey (my random)
  • Stina Leicht
  • Nalo Hopkinson

Now that I really look at this list, maybe I’m playing it too safe.  I’ll have to ponder that for a moment.


2.  GIRLS, GUNS, AND GRIMOIRES (A Goodreads Group) 2013 Recommendations Challenge

Girls, Guns, and Grimoires is basically a UF/PNR/Sci-Fi/Fantasy reading group on Goodreads.  The group split into partners and within each partnership, we recommend a book that the other person has to read.  My partner and I decided on 12 books for the year.  We’ll each recommend three books a month from which the other person can choose one.  We’re considering taking a couple of months where we each read the same book.  The first book I’ll read from my partner recommendations is Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander.  I’m looking forward to reading some new things with this challenge and discussing with my partner. This is going to be fun.



I also have some personal challenges I’d like to meet:

  • Starting established series that I’ve been dying to read – Elder Races and Downside anyone?
  • Clearing out my debt to NetGalley and Edelweiss.  For a slow reader like myself, these sites are like payday loan places  or your local crack dealer.  You get that quick fix but you do have to pay something for it!  I have a backlog of reviews I really need to take care of and this is my year to do it.
  • I have physical bookshelves with books that haven’t yet been read.  I need to read them before said books start disappearing.  My husband will tell me I must have misplaced that copy of Hotel Transylvania or I must have loaned out that battered used copy of Mark of the Demon.  In reality, he will be surreptitiously donating three books at a time to our local public library used bookstore.  He doesn’t like a lot of “stuff.”  It’s the trickle out effect and I need to avoid it.  Those used books are my daughter’s legacy, I tell you!  Hold it…now that’s sad.
  • Finally, the public library.  That was the challenge I really sucked at last year.  Time to redeem myself.  I want to use the library more and I will do so.  Promise.

Are there any reading challenges you’re setting for yourself?  
Let me know and we can be our own support group!


14 Responses to “Here’s to 2013 Challenges (and hoping I do better than I did in 2012)”

  1. Colleen Albert

    In addition to finishing my own WIP, I’m also trying to read 100 books in 1 year’s time (11/12 to 11/13) so I finish before I’m 40. I am totally off my rocker since I also have 2 kids and am training for a 10K in there too, oh yeah, while trying to lose weight like everyone else! Ha! We CAN do this!!! )

    • shewolfreads

      Colleen, don’t even get me started on non-reading goals. Getting back in shape is definitely one of them. And, sadly, it’s the hardest!

  2. Timitra

    The only reading challenge I’ve set for myself so far this year is the Goodreads challenge, my goal is to read 200 books by the end of the year! I’ve read one so far only 199 to go!

    • shewolfreads

      Timitra, WOW! That’s a great goal! I know you’ll make it. Start with Storm Front or Royal Street! 🙂

  3. Jenifer Samaha

    I didn’t know you were a member of Girls, Guns, and Grimoires…I am, too!! I’ve never done the recommendation challenge because I’ve too chicken. 😉

    • shewolfreads

      Jenifer, LOL! I joined recently. I’m excited about it. You should do it next year and we can be partners!

  4. Opal

    You know i haven’t even thought about challenges. I do have some personal goals though. They’re much like yours. I need to write up a post and outline them.

    • shewolfreads

      Opal, you’ll probably read 500 books this year! Can’t wait to see your goals!

  5. Annie Slasher

    Well, this year I am doing my first EVER challenge. It is the Authors After Dark Challenge. We will see how I do! You are brave. My dang book schedule is scary and one of my resolutions was to read more of what is on my physical book shelf and existing books on my kindle! We shall see…

    • shewolfreads

      Annie, the AAD stuff is a lot! If I had that to do, I think it would be my only challenge, too! But even though it’s a lot, what a great way to interact with favorite authors. So excited for you!

    • shewolfreads

      Felicia, what challenge are you doing? Will drop by and see what you’ve posted!

  6. fishgirl182 @ nite lite

    i think you and i have a lot of similar goals. i have so many series that i need to start and don’t even talk to me about netgalley. i need to catch up so badly.

    the women genre challenge sounds really interesting. i am going to check out the site. i sick at challenges so i don’t know if i will sign up, but i will definitely think about it. 🙂