A Valentine’s Day Special

February 14, 2013 General 8


If you haven’t read the fantastic posts The Vampire Book Club is doing this month, please, visit their blog and do so.  VBC is running a month of character love letters – love letters from fans to their favorite heroes or heroines, and love letters between characters by the authors who created them.  I’ve really enjoyed reading these posts.  They actually made me stop and think about who’d I write a letter to.  So I decided to dedicate this Valentine’s Day, blog style, to my book boyfriends. 



The Cornick Clan


Is it greedy to claim an entire family of men as your fictional boyfriends?  I don’t care, I’m going to do it anyway.  I love Bran, Samuel and Charles like no other men in my fictional fantasyland.  Samuel’s warmth is the polar opposite of his brother Charles’ stoicism.  But in all honesty, it’s their father I’m most curious about.  He’s the Marrok, or the alpha of the North American werewolves.  Bran’s youthful appearance hides a dangerous cunning and dominance that make him an incredibly compelling character.  And though he’s married to Leah, his true love died years ago and no other woman will be able to live up to her memory.  This is what I call a challenge and what woman doesn’t like that?



Mirren Kincaid


Look up “alpha male” in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of Mirren Kincaid.  He’s the one that I’ll want to “fix” even though I hate saying that.  We can only fix ourselves, right?  But Mirren is such a broken man, tormented by guilt from his past and scared of finding happiness.  He finds it eventually in Glory, damn her, but I can still dream.



Beautiful Creatures

Ethan Wate


I just finished Beautiful Creatures and was completely enamored of Ethan.  He’s only 16 so I understand how this can seem slightly pervy since I’m, well, not 16.  And haven’t been for quite a while.  So this is my 16 year old self saying that Ethan is my fictional boyfriend because he is just so damn sweet and supportive.  He’s no alpha male but that doesn’t mean he isn’t brave.  He jumps in without a second thought when a loved one is in danger and believes wholeheartedly in the strength and abilities of Lena…his girlfriend.  Are all these dudes taken?





Blade is another alpha male with a tortured past.  A rogue blue blood (a kind of vampire to you and me) who rules the slums of Whitechapel in total defiance of the powers that be.  What can you say about Blade?  Tough as nails but tender when it matters.  He’s honorable, loyal and has some great lines:

Her gaze flickered his way.  “You’re staring.”

“Can’t ‘elp meself,” he replied.  “You were made to be stared at.”


With lines like that, wouldn’t he make your list?


House Rules

Jeff Christopher


I just finished reading House Rules, the latest in the Chicagoland series, and a big mystery regarding this man was finally revealed.  Jeff is a shifter, respected among other shifters, but Merit, and readers, didn’t know exactly what his animal was until this last book.  And I loved it.  On the surface, he’s geeky – he can break into anything from the keyboard of his computer and is a hardcore gamer – but underneath, where his animal lives, he’s feared.  I love this dichotomy.  I’m a geek at heart so Jeff always kind of spoke to me.  But, yet again, he has a girl.  Dang!


But, I have a guy, too.  A guy who I’ve been married to for 12 years.  While these fictional boyfriends are fun to read about, I have all of these elements rolled into one man.  My husband is as warm as Sam Cornick, his support is as unwavering as Ethan Wate’s, and he doesn’t laugh at my geekdom, in fact, he celebrates it just like Jeff Christopher.  The best part?  He says very Blade-like things to me every day.  I’m a lucky girl to have him as my Valentine!


Happy Valentine’s Day to all!



8 Responses to “A Valentine’s Day Special”

  1. Opal

    Great choices! If I had to do this I’d be choosing a lot of teenagers since I read so much YA. LOL It brings out my inner teenager!

    • shewolfreads

      That’s how I feel when I read good YA…reminds me of being a teen again. Who would make your list? Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Jen D.

    You’ll have to fight me for Charles Cornick! 😉 Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

    • shewolfreads

      Charles….there really isn’t anything to say, is there? 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  3. Timitra

    I must read all of these books so I can be formerly introduced to your book boyfriends!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!! You’re a very lucky girl!!!

    • shewolfreads

      Timitra, these are all great books. If you haven’t read the Mercy series, you MUST do so!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Braine

    I would write Bran and ask him if he’d let me fuck him this Valentine’s. That man is high up in my to-do list you have no idea!

    Happy heart’s day to you & the hubs Lee!

    • shewolfreads

      Braine, I’m obsessed with Bran whenever I read a Mercy book. I would die if she did some sort of novella devoted to him. Briggs has a book of short stories coming out and apparently one is about Samuel. Maybe one will be about Bran…:) Happy Valentine’s Day!