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Long Ride HomeTITLE: Long Ride Home
 Cambio Springs #.05
  Elizabeth Hunter
  July 12, 2012


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The first story in the new paranormal series by Elizabeth Hunter, acclaimed author of the Elemental Mysteries. 

Welcome to Cambio Springs.

In this small desert town, secrets bubble up from the desert floor, and history is written on the canyon walls. Seven friends will gather at the crossroads, because in Cambio Springs, everything—and everyone—changes.

Jena Crowe escaped the Springs ten years ago. Now, she’s heading home with two boys to start a new life. With her husband’s ghost keeping her company on the road, Jena will learn that moving back and moving backward aren’t necessarily the same thing, and sometimes the places you try to escape are exactly where you need to fall.

Three nights to say goodbye. Three days to come to grips with the future. For Jena and her two sons, it’s going to be a long ride home.

Long Ride Home is a short story of approximately twenty-five pages.

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She-Wolf (Mini) Review


LONG RIDE HOME by Elizabeth Hunter is a moving story about Jena Crowe, a woman who recently lost her husband and is now taking their two sons back to her hometown in order to start a new life.  This story is short and bittersweet and had me aching to read the first full-length novel in the series, SHIFTING DREAMS.   

This prequel takes place, literally, on the road as Jena and her boys drive from Washington State to California, and make their way to Cambio Springs, where they will live with Jena’s parents.  When the sun goes down and the children are asleep in the backseat, Jena is visited by the ghost of her husband, Lowell.  They talk about their lives together; they talk about going back to Cambio Springs; they dance around the issue of why they left, which is a mystery, and why Jena needs to go back, another mystery.  This story was melancholic and bittersweet; a sense of loss underlines every page.  LONG RIDE HOME ends with an incredible scene that answers some questions while creating just as many new ones.  It is also a scene filled with hope and makes me want to know what becomes of Jena Crowe and her boys.

While it might feel a tad too short, LONG RIDE HOME did what it needed to do – it introduced me to a new character and a new world and now…I want more.



4 HOWLS - Excellent and highly recommended

4 HOWLS – Excellent and highly recommended






About the Author

Elizabeth HunterElizabeth Hunter is a contemporary fantasy and romance author. She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College in the Department of English (Linguistics) and a former English teacher.

She currently lives in Central California with a seven-year-old ninja who claims to be her child. She enjoys reading, writing, travel, and bowling (despite the fact that she’s not very good at it.) Someday, she plans to learn how to scuba dive. And maybe hang glide. But that looks like a lot of running.

She is the author of the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World series, the Cambio Springs series, and other works of fiction.


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  1. Opal

    I think a good short story should answer a lot of question yet it should be tantalizing at the same time. This one sounds like a winner. 🙂