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A new Jessica McClain book is always exciting so it is with great pleasure that I kick-off the Cold Blooded Blog Tour!  Author Amanda Carlson is here to discuss Lycans, favorite Cold Blooded moments, and what to expect from the ever expanding world she’s created for her heroine, Jessica McClain.  

Please welcome Amanda to the blog and don’t forget to check out Cold Blooded when it releases on October 8th!   


Hot BloodedSWR:  Can you tell us a bit about your new book, Cold Blooded, and where it is in the Jessica McClain universe?

COLD BLOODED picks up right where HOT BLOODED left off. Jessica and the gang are back home and trouble doesn’t take much time to find them. Just the way I like it. If you love action and adventure in your books, COLD has it in spades.


SWR:  What are your plans for the Jessica McClain series?  Do you have an overall arc planned for a set number of books? 

No set number just yet, but there will be more. If you follow my newsletter or my facebook page, hopefully you will see an announcement soon.


SWR:  I just started Cold Blooded after having read Hot Blooded and let me say that Jessica McClain needs a vacation!  Not much time passes between the books and she has everything and the kitchen sink thrown at her.  Any vacation plans for Jessica and Rourke?

They will get some downtime here and there, but life continues to be very busy for Jess.


SWR:  How did you come up with the idea of the Lycan form?  This isn’t something you normally see in UF werewolf books where people typically shift to full wolf form.  I love the originality of it.

I wanted Jessica to be different. She came into my mind unique and she felt very separate from the rest of the Pack. A partial shift lets her do so many things. Fighting in human form with super strength sets you apart, and the story made its way toward that naturally and I went with it.


SWR:  What’s your favorite scene from Cold Blooded? 

Oooh, that’s a tough one! This book has a lot of happy moments and moments that give me chills. My favorite is probably the one with Jess and Rourke in the circle. You can’t really beat that. 


Full BloodedSWR:  The series slowly expands Jessica’s world.  The first book focuses on werewolves, the second give us a window into vampires through Eamon and Naomi, and this third gives us a taste of witches.  What can we expect to see in the fourth book in the series?

LOL, I can’t give any spoilers away, but it will be something different. That’s all I’ll say.


SWR:  What are some of your favorite werewolf books or films? 

I’d have to say that Kresley Cole’s has some of my favorite leading men. She does a great alpha hero. I don’t really have a favorite werewolf movie. I think a great one needs to be made.


SWR:  HBO calls and they want to adapt the series for television.  Who would you want cast as Jessica, Rourke, Danny, and Tyler? 

I’m so bad at this game. My characters aren’t set up in my mind like that, because they are a conglomeration of personality, voice and looks. But if I had to, I’d say Jessica would be a mix between a younger Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jennifer Garner, Rourke would be a healthy mix of Tom Hardy and Chris Helmsworth, Danny would be some kind of mix between Chris Pine and Jake Gyllenhaal and Tyler would be a Channing Tatum/Charlie Hunnam mix – is that even possible? I don’t know, but yum, I’d like to find out!


SWR:  What was the last book you read that you would recommend to a friend?

Amanda Bonilla’s new urban fantasy VENGEANCE BORNE. She has a great voice and she writes great action.


SWR:  Finally, I’m a big fan of Game of Thrones and the Song of Ice and Fire series in which every family has a motto – the Starks have “Winter is coming” and the Lannisters have “Hear me roar!”  What is the Amanda Carlson motto? 

I’ve never thought of one before. How about: “Welcome to Pack” – it fits!


SWR:  Thank you so much for the interview!

Thanks so much for having me, it’s always a pleasure. COLD BLOODED releases in three short weeks! Yay! I can’t wait for the readers to get it in their hands.



Cold Blooded Book Cover 




Jessica arrives back in town to find her best friend missing and the most powerful witch in the country is blaming her for it. But before they can move to save her, the group is attacked.

On the run, Jessica and Rourke head to the mountains. Several surprises await them, but in order to save her father they are forced to leave for New Orleans early.

Arriving on the Vampire Queen’s doorstep unexpectedly, and bringing trouble on their heels, the Sects are thrown into an all out war. The vicious
skirmish ends up forcing the vamps and Jessica to fight on the same team.

The Vamp Queen ends up owing Jessica, but what Jessica doesn’t realize is just how soon she’ll have to cash it in… 


Have you read the Jessica McClain series?  If so, who would you cast as the characters in a cable or film adaptation of the series?


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About Amanda Carlson

amanda-carlsonAmanda Carlson is the author of the upcoming Jessica McClain series. The first book, Full Blooded, will be released by Hachette Book Group, ORBIT US & UK SEPT 2012. She’s been writing for over ten years. Full Blooded is her first novel. She lives in Minneapolis, with her husband and three kids.

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  1. Linda Townsend

    I actually have both Full Blooded and Hot Blooded on my kindle ready to read! They were highly recommended to me :-))) Since I haven’t read them yet, I wouldn’t want to offer an opinion on who should play the characters. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to win the next one in the series.

    • miki

      oups and before i forget: since i haven’t started the series i’m sorry but i can’t tell which actor would be the best to play the character

      also i love the idea of ” partial” shift, i first hear of something similar in the kate daniels series by ilona andrews but it’s not something a lot can do, only strongest alpha. it does have advantage
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  2. CassandraG

    Have read the first one. It was really good.
    As Jessica maybe Emily Blunt or Lily Collins
    And as Rourke maybe Chris Hemsworth or his brother Liam

  3. Filia Oktarina

    I found about this series an Blog post. It was when i see new books will release every month. When i see book one this series, i know i will buy this book. I have book 1 and book 2 now, but unfortunaly, i still haven’t read book one yet, because when i finish read book, i always don’t know must read next book. Every time i’m finish, i will seeing my books, and always hard to choose what to read next.

  4. Linda

    Love this series, I think I found it through Goodreads and I´ve devoured every word so far =D
    Can´t wait for my chance to read this Cold one *grabby hands*
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Monday!

    ps. I don´t “see” my reads as actors, I get more feelings, so I couldn´t pick any actors. Other than men with *rawr* LOL

  5. nurmawati djuhawan

    i love the cover…i can;t wait to read it..
    thx u for the chance 🙂

  6. Timitra

    I’ve only read Blooded so far but I’m definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series.