Review – The Hot Scot by Kate Eden

September 24, 2013 4 Star Reviews, General, Reviews 5 ★★★★

Review – The Hot Scot by Kate EdenThe Hot Scot by Kate Eden
Series: The Murdoch Vampires #1
Published by Author on April 11, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Pages: 282
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Logan Murdoch hates complications. All he wants to do is work in his lab and create products to help vampires blend into mortal society. But when his mother begs him to get her painting back from the museum, he discovers a very attractive complication in the form of curator Sydney Worth. She buys his lie that he’s the descendant of the man in the three-hundred-year-old painting, but refuses to give it to him. What’s worse? She’s immune to his mind control.

Sydney couldn’t believe her eyes when the spitting image of the Hot Scot walked into the museum. But her attraction to Logan Murdoch suffers a huge blow when he demands the painting. Losing the piece could threaten her job and she senses Logan is hiding something from her. But this vampire who hates complications and the ambitious curator with trust issues are about to learn the fine art of love.

How can you not like a book in which four vampires squabbling over who rides shotgun hop into a Ford Focus to rescue the heroine?  If you like that tone, than you’ll like Kate Eden’s The Hot Scot, the first book in her Murdoch Vampires series.  The Hot Scot was a charming, funny, and romantic paranormal that had me laughing throughout and crossing my fingers that the HEA I wanted for the two main characters would eventually come true.

The thing that won me over totally with The Hot Scot is its tone.  It’s light and funny, with two main characters that have a sharp wit and who will not fail to make you smile. Sydney Worth, a twenty-something curator who is more focused on her career than her personal life, and Logan Murdoch, a 400-something year old vampire who feels more at home in a science lab than on a date, meet over a painting and sparks fly.  Sydney’s career depends on keeping the painting in her museum, Logan claims it’s a painting that was stolen from his family over a century ago – they both have a vested interest in retaining ownership of it and so they are forced to work together until the mystery of who it belongs to is solved.  Eden does chemistry well.  These two were great together.  Sydney has a way of saying whatever comes to her mind, she can be awkward, particularly when she’s fighting her attraction to Logan, but she’s also smart and ballsy.  Logan is used to getting his way, tends to stay out of the mortal world, and becomes totally smitten by the sexy but awkward Sydney.  He definitely has the alpha in him but he’s also oh so sensitive with hurt of his own that makes him a little skittish in the romance department.  The sparkle in this tale centers on these two characters.  I was completely sucked into the romance and was wholly invested in this budding relationship between the two.

Second to the romance, what also won me over is the cast of characters Eden introduces us to in The Hot Scot.  I loved every member of the Murdoch family.  The warm, familial affection between Kira, the mother, Callum and Logan, the brothers, and Alaric, an adopted brother of sorts, made for some great scenes.  They love and support one another, they care for one another, they squabble, and tease, and laugh.  They were just fun.  I tend to go for the doom and gloom vampires so I found this to be a refreshing respite from my usual darkness.  Vampires have the ability to read the minds of mortals and this created some really funny, laugh out loud moments between Sydney and the Murdoch family.  Each of the characters could easily have his or her own story.  I will be first in line for the Kira full-length, Ms. Eden (just in case you’re listening).  That woman deserves some happiness. 

The pacing was good, brisk, and kept the story moving along.  At one point, maybe ¾ of the way into the book, I was starting to feel like the “will they-won’t they get together” question was being drawn out a little too long.  Then Sydney and Logan have a conversation that rang such authentic bells for me that the drawing out of the coming together made perfect sense.  These two people, like each and every one of us, hear what they want to hear; they hear from a place of such fear and hurt that they aren’t actually listening to one another.  If they could just let go of baggage, and come to each other with open hearts, there wouldn’t be a problem.  But that’s always easier said then done.  Eden creates obstacles to their happiness that, in the end, feel realistic and not inauthentic.

The ending verged on slightly too sweet for me and Sydney makes a choice that felt a bit rushed but who am I to judge.  Finally, there’s conflict brewing in the vampire world which is introduced here and sets up the next book, Rebel Child, very nicely.

If you’re interested in a light and romantic but smart paranormal read then pick up The Hot Scot.  It’s a lot of fun.  Now excuse me.  I’m off to read book two in the series. 4 Howls!


About Kate Eden

Kate Eden comes from a long line of mouthy broads who love to read, so it’s probably no surprise she caught the writing bug early. An avid romance fan since her early teens, Kate loves writing–and reading–stories about plucky heroines, sexy heros and the weird and wild journey people take on their way to love. She loves good food, cheap booze, and believes laughter is the cure for just about everything.

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      • shewolfreads

        I hadn’t read anything by her before now but the Sabina Kane series is on my list of series I have to start. This was a fun, light PNR. Let me know what you think of it!

    • shewolfreads

      I’ve had this on my Kindle for a while. I got it after reading a nice review of it on another blog and then recently was invited to be a part of a blog tour for the series. Perfect time to read it. And I really liked it as you can see. I actually think I may like the second book even more. It’s a fun series. I think you’d like it!