Missive #1 – Where did She-Wolf go?

June 8, 2014 General, Missives from the Hive of Industry 7


A Hive of Industry – a Victorian era phrase to indicate hard work, or a group of people engaged in productive work.

A Missive – a long, official letter.

“Missives from the Hive of Industry” –  a new feature in which She-Wolf shares with you news, updates, flights of fancy, and all the things that the busy bees of the internets have shared and that have piqued her interest.

June 8, 2014

Dear Reader,

So, where the heck have I been?  Honestly, the time has flown by so fast, I’m not sure where I’ve been myself!  I do know that I’ve been a bad blogger, and for that, I sincerely apologize.  What I’ve realized is that I’m a horrible multitasker!  Family and professional obligations have completely pulled me away from this site and I seem to only be able to focus on a couple of things at one time.  Inevitably, something has to suffer and, for me, that was this blog.  It’s been so long since I’ve posted regularly that I began to wonder what I really wanted to do with my site.  I know that I’ve missed it.  And I know that I’ve missed interacting with other passionate readers and bloggers but the reality is that my time is not as abundant as it once was and that the time I devoted to this site has now been split into other areas, mainly professional, that I need to focus on.  While I don’t want to say goodbye, I did realize I had to make some sort of plan.  What I’ve decided to do is make some changes but also some pledges.  These changes include a minimum of one post a week (and I know that sounds pathetic to the many bloggers I love who are so prolific but…baby steps) and some promises to myself about review books, reading selections, and features.

One thing I’ve decided to do is create this new feature, “Missives from the Hive of Industry.”  All of us bloggers and readers are such busy bees that I thought I would create something in which I could share what I’ve been up to but also share the things around the web and the blogosphere that I’ve found interesting.  This will be in the form of a letter and I will post it every Sunday (fingers crossed).

I also will no longer request review books from sites like NetGalley and Edelweiss.  I have an alarming number of debts owed to these sites and I plan on devoting the next year to paying them off.

I also will no longer participate in promotions of authors or books I haven’t yet read.  I don’t do it often but I realize when I do, I always think I will read the book because it interests me and then I don’t and feel bad about myself.  It’s an ugly cycle.

My reviews will now be a lot shorter.  I find myself not posting because it takes me forever to write a review.  I agonize over each word.  I debate structure and word choice and tone and meaning and…who cares.  I need to keep them short and conversational, like sharing my thoughts on a book with a friend.

I have ideas for features I want to continue —  Five by Five, The Artist’s Den, and She-Wolf’s Obsessions.  I want to do another Five by Five before the summer is out, and one Artist’s Den and Obsession feature a month, probably starting in the fall.

I think if I take the pressure off posting multiple times a week and just use the site to share what I’m sincerely excited about and what books I’ve loved and hated, then, well, there’s no pressure.  Just excitement.  This new feature is a start so I hope you enjoy it!

Now, here are some things that have caught my fancy this week. 

Bee_LeftWhat I’m reading….

Omens_CoverRight now, I’m little more than halfway through Kelley Armstrong’s OMENS.  And I’m loving it.  The supernatural aspect of this novel is deliciously vague.  The hints are there; the odd occurrences with a slightly creepy edge are nicely paced.  This fantastical element is so slight, and so small, that it has me seriously wondering where Armstrong is going to take it.  Regardless, at the center is a mystery that I’m dying to solve and a heroine that is, well, different.  I can’t articulate it but she’s very interesting.  She’s smart, self reflective, and while she is moral and principled, she is a survivor and will break the rules when necessary to meet her needs. Is that good or bad?  Unless the ending is a massive fail, I think this is going to be a five howl book for me.

Other books I’ve recently read and hope to post reviews of soon are Holly Black’s THE COLDEST GIRL IN COLDTOWN and Elizabeth Hunter’s SHIFTING DREAMS.  These are both books I loved.  I will now read anything Black and Hunter write.  COLDTOWN is a very original take on vampires and I loved the structure and shifting POVs; SHIFTING DREAMS has a great premise and one of the best, and I mean best, romantic relationships I’ve read recently.  

Next is Susannah Sandlin’s upcoming release, ALLEGIANCE, book four in her Penton series.  I love this series and I love this author.

Bee_LeftNew Cover Art…

I saw this online recently and got excited.  Another brilliant Cliff Nielsen cover. Read my interview with him here.

Pirate's Alley_cover


Here are links to articles or posts that interested me this week:

  • First, one of the coolest blogs in the blogosphere is celebrating its three year anniversary with some great posts and giveaways.  Stop by to celebrate one of the most passionate readers and bloggers I’ve met, Braine of Talk Supe.
  • Do you read YA books?  I do. I’m not much of a contemporary YA reader but I will read anything in the YA genre that has a fantastical element. Sometimes, I feel my age and don’t know why I’m reading a particular YA book and sometimes my mind is blown. Would it be bad to admit that I do occasionally feel like it’s my dirty secret?  I have a set of friends who would never read YA and I do, at times, feel like I don’t want to share.  So this Jezebel post is kind of empowering.  What do you think about the adult readers of YA trend?  
  • I’m a big Felicia Day fan.  I think she pretty much rocks.  I follow her Tumblr site and about a month ago she posted a link to a wonderful rant by the writer Greg Rucka.  Read it. It made me think of my own child and the kind of world I want for her.  It made me pump my fist.

And with that, I close my first Missive post.  Let me know what you think, I enjoyed doing it!

I hope you have a great reading week!

Until next time, 



7 Responses to “Missive #1 – Where did She-Wolf go?”

  1. Tanya Patrice

    Yay – I’m glad you’re back!!!! And I read YA and don’t really feel weird about it. But my tastes change too, and now I’m reading more of something else. Anything that gets people to read is okay in my book – be it magazines, comics, whatever, and we shouldn’t feel ashamed of it (although it is hard sometimes).
    Tanya Patrice recently posted..3 Vampire Approved Red WinesMy Profile

    • Lee

      Glad to be back! Thanks so much for stopping by. And you are totally right…anything that gets people reading should be celebrated and not denigrated!

  2. fishgirl182 @ nite lite

    Hi Lee! Glad to see you back. I was hoping that everything was OK and it looks like you were busy with life, which is understandable. I think one post a week is great. It’s really about consistency I think rather than volume. i admire blogs that post a lot but I know that I could never be one of those people who posts every day.

    I would love to see more of The Artist’s Den. As you know, we both share an affinity for a good cover.

    I have not read anything by Kelley Armstrong yet. I know – not sure how this has gone on for so long but I’ll have to remedy it soon.

    Look forward to seeing more missives from you. Hope all is well, Lee. 🙂
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