Missive #3 – Trashy Soccer Soap Opera, a DNF, and a New Obsession

June 23, 2014 General, Missives from the Hive of Industry 6


A Hive of Industry – a Victorian era phrase to indicate hard work, or a group of people engaged in productive work.

A Missive – a long, official letter.

“Missives from the Hive of Industry” –  a new feature in which She-Wolf shares with you news, updates, flights of fancy, and all the things that the busy bees of the internets have shared and that have piqued her interest.

June 23, 2014

Dear Reader,

So this post is a day late.  Not a good sign but I was exhausted last night from working on a project and after watching some soccer, I needed to call it a night.  So here I am, a Monday Missive for you all!

First, after writing my last missive post and talking about soccer and romance it hit me that I hadn’t mentioned something that, for a quite a while, I was obsessed with — the British soap opera Footballer’s Wives.  Please tell me someone reading this has watched this show.  It’s so, so, so trashy and over the top that you just had to have fun with it.  One of the main characters in the show was Tanya Turner, oh she of the perpetual cigarette and cocktail, and she was the best thing ever.  She was the definition of self-preservation.  The show ran from 2002-2006 and I caught onto it a bit late. It played on BBC America for a while and I know you can Netflix most of the seasons.  If you like trashy soaps, this one is for you though I will say that, as the original cast moved on, the show went downhill, even sillier and less entertaining.  But the first two, maybe three, seasons were pretty fun.

I also just learned something that has me a bit bummed.  I must have been living under a rock to have just realized this…Strange Chemistry, the YA imprint of the British publisher, Angry Robot, is closing.  WTF?  CRACKED by Eliza Crewe is a Strange Chemistry title and I absolutely loved it.  I think their list tends towards the original.  It’s sad to me that a publisher/imprint that was trying to do something new and different and exciting, isn’t making it.  Here’s to hoping another publisher will pick up the Strange Chemistry catalog and continue the great series their authors started.

Finally, my new obsession is TV related.  I’ve recently been drawn into the British crime drama, THE FALL.  It stars Gillian Anderson of X-Files fame.  If you can get past her annoying and affected British accent, the show is engrossing. [Start rant – and, yes, I know she spent a few years as a child there, I know the accent is for the character but it’s annoying because I’ve seen interviews with her doing the British accent like she’s a Brit – End rant].  It follows the two stories of an Inspector trying to find a serial killer, and the serial killer himself.  It’s set in Belfast, has some interesting gender politics going on, and is complex in its characterizations.  It’s not for the faint of heart but I highly recommend it. Check it out on Netflix!

Bee_LeftWhat I’m reading….

Confession: I didn’t finish ACES WILD, the novella I started last week.  I got to about the 50% point on my Kindle and decided to put it down.  I just wasn’t connecting with the story or the characters.  It had a strong start but failed to keep the momentum going for me.  Amanda Carlson is one of my favorite authors so while this one might not be for me, I will definitely keep going with her Jessica McClain series.

Cocaine_BluesI decided to start something new this week. When Thuy, over at one of my favorite blogs, Nite Lite Review (check out her new banner!), did a post on the show, Miss Fisher’s Mysteries, I was reminded of a book I purchased as a Kindle Daily Deal eons ago.  It’s called COCAINE BLUES and it’s the first book in the Phryne Fisher mystery series on which the show is based. Thuy’s post pushed this book closer to the front of my queue and I decided to pick it up last night. It’s a lot of fun.  Set in the Australia of the 1920’s, the heroine, Phryne Fisher, is smart, witty, and observant.  She’s a bit of an amateur detective and I’m looking forward to her getting into the weeds of her case.

Bee_LeftNew Cover Art…

I had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series, TWISTED MIRACLES, and interviewing its author, AJ Larrieu.  I didn’t know the cover art for the next book in the Shadowminds series was out along with a synopsis.  If the first book is any indication of the direction of this series, I think you would do well to check it out.  It’s a very original premise and world, and deals with some interesting themes.  Looking forward to the August release of book two, DANGEROUS CALLING.



Here are links to articles or posts that interested me this week:

  • Take a look at this i09 article about the closing of Strange Chemistry.
  • I didn’t see the Daytime Emmy’s but this Washington Post article makes it seem like a train wreck I need to watch!
  • I found this post via the site Dear Author.  Check out this story of a homeless man, on the streets of Johannesburg, who earns money by reviewing books on demand and selling them to raise money. 


What’s on your reading list this week?

Until next time, 



6 Responses to “Missive #3 – Trashy Soccer Soap Opera, a DNF, and a New Obsession”

    • Lee

      Yes! Imagine Basketball Wives with actors and that’s Footballer’s Wives!

  1. AJ Larrieu

    You sold me on THE FALL with “not for the faint of heart” and “interesting gender politics.” Yes please. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the shout-out on Dangerous Calling!

    • Lee

      Thanks for stopping by the blog, AJ! The Fall is tough, tough, tough. It’s really all about misogyny both in the crime and in the workplace wrapped into a very creepy mystery where you know who the killer is but the cops don’t.

  2. fishgirl182

    Hi Lee! Hope your month is going well. Sad to say that I have never watched Footballer’s Wives. I have heard of it though. We all need trashy TV sometimes (mine is True Blood) and I am glad you’re enjoying it. So cool that you read Cocaine Blues. I really need to read something in the series since Miss Fisher is such a fun show. The costumes alone make me swoon.

    And yes, isn’t it sad about Strange Chemistry? I really liked that they had a niche and were good at it. I am really sad that they are closing. Where will all those cool covers go?

    And you just reminded me that I need to finish Season 1 of The Fall. I think I only have one episode to go. It’s kind of slow and creepy though so I can’t binge watch it. I agree that Anderson’s accent can be a bit annoying. 🙂

    Happy reading, Lee!
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    • Lee

      I think True Blood may be too highbrow compared to Footballer’s Wives. 🙂 And The Fall is so disturbing…freaked me out but I kept watching. I wonder when the next season will release stateside.